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Bribmac Bulk SMS

SMS is the easiest way to reach so many recipients in the world today. Our bulk SMS makes it possible to send messages to multiple clients by a simple click. It allows you to spend less on every text message and also enable you to customize your sender identification because we believe effective communication is vital to competitive business performance.

Our team can enable you take full advantage of modern messaging technologies while minimizing the risk to your IT investment. We help you plan your messaging system around your specific requirements and provide expert installation.

Bribmac bulk SMS system has features such as it is user friendly, sends long messages (+160 characters) and is very rapid and reliable. Our product is highly recommended as it offers a variety of solutions i.e.:

Key Service Features

Personalizing messages to recipients

Personalize your messages so that the recipients get a personal touch.

Scheduling messages for future delivery

Send your messages at the exact time you want using seamless scheduling and delivery.

Delivery Reports

Access your delivery reports at the touch of a button, ensure all your recipients were reached.

Full reporting and feedback

Access end to end reports of your BULK SMS processes and for proper campaign tracking


Sending long messages with over the standard +160 characters fast and easy.

Managing databases

Manage your address databases easily with a system that gives fast database updates.

Bribmac bulk SMS Services for Resellers

For resellers new to this mobile messaging industry, we have prepared a white-labeled Reseller Product Solution which enables the resale of our services under the partner’s own logo and brand, without technical development or capital investment. Features of the SMS Reseller Product include:

  • White-labeled, no investment or development needed.
  • Complete control over clients, routes and pricing.
  • Easy, fast and effective SMS service resale and contact and content management.
  • No SMS involvement visible.
  • For SMS Aggregators, SMS provides a geographically redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure.

Bribmac bulk SMS Web Messenger

Bulk SMS Web Messenger is a simple and effective tool for sending SMS messages and managing contacts and recipient groups. It is designed for quick upload of text message and recipient details and is suitable for larger volumes of bulk messaging, as well as sending single messages Our bulk SMS web messaging supports different file formats for upload supported (.txt, .csv, .xls) and immediate or scheduled message sending.

Bribmac bulk SMS API

Bribmac SMS platform allows for easy integration with various systems that would send single or bulk SMS and those messages can be automated, or tied to a trigger e.g. SMS alerts on transactions, booking confirmations, responding to customer queries and orders, then our SMS API would provide a seamless solution for that. The SMS API can:

  • Send SMS immediately and connect to our SMS gateway
  • Send single and bulk SMS
  • Schedule SMS for a later date or time
  • Manage SMS expiry times for time sensitive messages
  • Provide delivery and status reports andCreate reply routes
  • Send long messages (+160 characters)

Bulk SMS desktop messenger

bulk SMS desktop messenger allows our clients to send messages from their Name or Company. It contains the Mail Merge Feature, Address Book to upload/ import contacts, and Reports. This bulk SMS solution enables our clients to generate delivery reports instantly, generate SMS detail report and also check the remaining balance as you go

Bribmac Bulk SMS Prices

Bulk SMS (to any network) – Kshs 0.30 per sms (No minimum sms Volume or expiry date)

Sender ID RegistrationSafaricom & Airtel: Kshs 5,999/- each – (One time registration fee – Max Of 11 Alpha-Numeric)

Sender ID Registration – Telkom:  Kshs 2,999/- (One time registration fee – Max Of 11 Alpha-Numeric)

USSD Prices

Dedicated USSD Prices

Initial Setup Fee ——————– Kshs 126,000 (One Off fee)
1 Month Deposit ——————- Kshs 58,000
Monthly Maintenance Fee  — Kshs 58,000
Testbed ———————————– Kshs 25,000

Shared USSD Prices

Initial Setup Fee ——————– Kshs 35,000 (One Off fee)
1 Month Deposit ——————- Kshs 15,000
Monthly Maintenance Fee  — Kshs 15,000

Short Code Prices

Dedicated Short Code Prices

Initial Setup Fee: Kshs 17,400 (One Off fee)
1 Month Deposit: Kshs 17,400
Monthly Maintenance Fee: Kshs 17,400

Shared Short Code

Initial Setup Fee: Ksh 6,800 (One off Fee)
1 Month Deposit: Kshs 6,800
Monthly Maintenance Fee: Kshs 6,800

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