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Fleet Management, Car Tracking & Alarm Systems

You might want to consider using GPS in other objects apart from your vehicles. Research indicates that the growing technology is taking us to a different level, and we may not run away for so long.

It is without a doubt that GPS tracking is the rule of the day. It is also worth noting that GPS is not only used for navigation but also various GPS-based devices and apps.

Globally, the technology has grown fast and as much as most people have embraced the use of GPS in locating their vehicles and people, today it has been taken a notch higher and can also track objects.

Our premier brand Car Track’s Fleet Management systems guarantee clients comprehensive integrated customized service and support in managing fleet running costs, while also providing unequaled stolen vehicle recovery services and support in case of theft. Some of the features we provide are.

GPS vehicle tracking

This feature is best for accessing the real-time location and movement of any of your vehicles. The information can be accessed through a professional telematics solution. It shows information such as when the car began the journey when it stopped and the period that it took. Sensors that detect fuel levels, open doors, and more can also be added to the system to improve cost-savings.

Any company needs this feature as it improves productivity and customer service. Benefits of Fleet management

Route planning and monitoring

With this feature, Bribmac allows your company to monitor the execution of routes and anticipate future events, supporting your fleet management decisions, minimizing fuel consumption, and increasing productivity. Customers will enjoy faster arrival times and a better customer experience.

Our tracking technology is done both online and offline and data is stored which is then transmitted to the vehicle tracking server via wireless networks. It provides a web-based interface for indexing movement and mobile-based applications for mobility access.

• Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solutions
• Discreet 24/7/365 monitoring from the 911 Group Control Centers
• Dedicated recovery team, high-powered fleet
• Cross–border tracking & recovery, close liaison with Interpol
• Over 95% recovery rate, high industry rating.

Driving behavior analysis

We provide you with a feature that monitors and measures driving behavior such as acceleration, harsh braking, speeding, and idling. This feature helps to create important reductions in fuel costs as drivers will be more careful driving more economically. Maintenance costs and downtimes also tend to decrease.

Bribmac car alarm systems

We offer convenient features for all types of vehicle models. Our car alarm systems are of the highest technological advancement products and services with different varieties that suites one’s needs. The technical team is responsible for the installations at any given location for the clients in liaison with the office for arrangements. Our car alarms range from basic car alarms to advanced engine cut-out alarm systems with the following features:

Key Service Features

Vehicle Engine Cut Off

Anti- Hijack/Duplicator

Ignition/Car Door induction

Remote control locking & unlocking

Relocking & Alarming after 20 secs

Foot brake control door locks

Water dust proof Emergency switch function

Fleet Alarms – Alarms are an incredibly useful feature for companies to respond quickly to any difficult situation regarding their fleets. Fleet management software allows you to create customized alarms.

Traffic tracking

Get to see the traffic condition of the road by accessing the different version of maps with real time data

History playback

Know how your vehicle has been moving for the last three months and ability to download the information.

SOS button

Press this button in case you are hijacked and the system notifies your close friends and relative via a text or a call.


Get to restrict movement of the vehicle within a given area beyond which you get an alert.

Speed Limit Notifier

Set a speed limit which when exceeded, the tracking shall notify you.

Listen to audio

We issue a tracking number that you can dial and listen in to the audio.

Satellite view

Get to locate your vehicle using aerial view when it is at remote places and congested areas where major landmarks are not available.

Bribmac Car Yard Inventory

Our Car Yard Inventory is a GPS-based software that works to support various areas of your business, including inventory and lot management, customer experience, theft protection, and more. With a vehicle inventory management system, each of these key areas is supported in a centralized system, with data and mission-critical information available to be accessed in real time.

Additionally, this technology serves an even greater purpose for owners and managers operating multiple dealerships as data can be standardized across locations. For example, if an auto dealer owns two, three, or even 10 locations, all their data can be available in one unified system. Ultimately, vehicle inventory management systems give owners the ability to spend less time on data, inventory, and customer management and more time on closing sales. Reasons to Invest in our car yard Inventory System:

Key Service Features

Mitigate Risks with Added Security

While vehicle technology is getting smarter, so are the ways in which thieves are capitalizing on unsecured inventory. With a vehicle inventory management system, dealers gain real-time visibility into their lots and inventory through advanced GPS tracking solutions.

They know exactly which vehicles they have in stock, where they’re located on the lot, and whether they are ready for a test drive.

Also, dealers can further boost security and reduce costly thefts by creating geofences around their lots and setting up alerts when a vehicle has left a designated perimeter.

Leverage Customer Experience

Leaving a lasting impression on your customers will increase their trust and loyalty in your dealership for their future service and purchase needs. The happier your customers, the better the buyer experience, and the more sales your dealership can expect.

With a vehicle inventory management system, managers and owners can improve a buyer’s test drive experiences by easily finding their future vehicle. There’s no more wasted time tracking down vehicles or preparing them for test drives. With real-time insights, you can ensure that your vehicles are always ready to go with battery and fuel level reports sent directly to your service staff.

Harness Customer Loyalty and Retention

Often, when a customer purchases their dream vehicle and leaves the lot, that’s the last time you ever see them. Most dealerships lose further maintenance and services to third-party vendors. With a vehicle inventory management system, dealers can maintain a direct connection to their customer’s vehicles for life.

Through vehicle inventory management systems, dealers can send automated and customized service alerts to drivers notifying them of upcoming service and maintenance checks.

Maximize Profit

While some connected car technology is embedded straight into the vehicle, other vehicle inventory management systems, like Elo GPS, can be installed or removed from the customer’s vehicle. Meaning that the entire system can be sold to the customer for added value creation.

Elo GPS technology expands beyond car dealerships and has functionalities built exclusively for drivers. Detachable systems can function as an added profit center for your dealership. Reap the benefits of the system for your dealership and then allow your customers to experience the same once they leave the lot.

Target specific users

Our Inventory management system allows you to be more strategic about the customers you target by highlighting the specific vehicle specs, price ranges, or mileage ranges. Also, by showcasing your individual cars and all the important details, your customers are more likely to come across your VDPs and stay on your website

Showcase your cars:

Create a virtual showroom for your vehicles on your website. Inventory management software makes it easy to automatically pull information about your used car and place it onto a vehicle display page (VDP).

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