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Cutting Edge Software for

Property Technology/Rent garden Africa

We provide cutting edge software that offers an advanced prospecting tools for streamlined and automated workflows i.e management of properties, personal property, equipment, tenancy, maintenance, legalities and personnel accounting, instant payment processing algorithms, reporting software and 24/7 communication services.

A tool that drives success for property owners, agencies, developers and property managers around the world and offers a 360-degree real time tracking of properties.

Property managers are able to allocate work assignments effectively/seamlessly which allows eliminating operational interruptions.

Key System Features

Receipting of tenant payment

We provide our clients with tenancy documentation for all periods.

Invoice generation

Our system generates invoices for all purposes within the real estate business.

Maintain key property details

Are you a property owner? Our system with key property details for better management.

Managing tenancy agreements and leases.

Manage your tenancy documentation including agreements and leases.

Keep records of property occupants

Source and safe keep chronological property records, available any time.

Manage the booking and renting of rooms

Get seamless tools to manage bookings and renting of your property.

Financial Accounting

Get critical financial support within our system with direct sync with your back accounts.

Cutting Edge Software for

More Benefits

  • Reduced administrative work: Rent Garden Africa is a complete solution to run your entire business from one platform, reducing the hassle of managing different systems, calls and data.
  • Better communication with owners and tenants: Share instant and real-time updates with owners and tenants through personalized notifications via the Rent Garden system.
  • More efficient leasing process: Go paperless; create as many lease templates as necessary, while saving money, time and effort.
  • Online rent payment: With Rent Garden Africa system, tenants can submit rent and other payments online, making the process quicker and easier.
  • Visual maintenance request: It’s Easy! Let your tenant upload a photo to submit visual requests for maintenance or repairs.

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