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Secure & Innovative

Surveillance Systems and Analysis: CCTV, Biometric & Access Control Systems

Supported by a highly qualified and motivated technical team, we offer consultation and installation of safety surveillance systems, Biometric & Access Control Systems. We continually research on the best technology solutions that ensure clients get the best value for their investments in Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Biometric systems tailored to meet client’s security needs.

CCTV Installation

We pride ourselves for new and high-end technology CCTV camera installation across the region. We boast of a highly qualified technical team that can handle simple to complex installations that is from the planning stage to implementation stage of any project regardless of magnitude.  We always strive to have a good working relationship with our clients as they form part of our integral section in our day-to-day business. Most of our clients who happen to use our systems include residential users, commercial users and government institutions among others. We usually get referrals from them as an appreciation for quality services and products.

Our CCTV solution provide:

  • Customized CCTV system that will suit your needs after our analysis.
  • High Camera resolution that provides optimum video and image clarity.
  • High Storage capacity that can store more data to enhance analysis for footage.
  • Both cabled or wireless and we help you choose based on advantages and disadvantages of each.

Secure & Innovative

Biometric & Access Control Systems

Bribmac biometric-based technology offers a dependable, helpful, and authentic way of verifying/identifying an individual’s identity utilizing latest Biometric fingerprint scanner. We are able to log over two thousand users and keep all logs in the system database locally and virtually for backup purposes. We offer biometrics access control solutions, time attendance management, systems and biometric user verification solutions among others. The systems can be advanced by integration with other systems.

Our employee clocking or Staff attendance management systems can be used by human resource to assist in time management and payroll through use of locks enabled systems such as: Magnetic Locks, Strike locks and Hotel door locks among others.

The system has the following components:

  • A reader or scanning of fingerprint device to record the biometric factor being authenticated.
  • Software to convert the scanned biometric data into a standardized digital format and to compare match points of the observed data with stored data.
  • A database to securely store biometric system-data for comparison.

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Government Premises
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